One Church

Our Vision

  • One God: We Worship and Serve One God.

  • One Truth: We Remain in and Proclaim One Truth.

  • One Community: We Unite and Reach One Community at a time.


Be a church that worships one God as one community. We are passionate about proclaiming the truth to the multi-ethnic community of South Los Angeles as we will engage in one service for all ages that resemble worship in heaven from people groups of all nations and tongues by evangelizing and engaging in discipleship that reproduces kingdom communities that are focused on continual church planting and mission.


Our Values

Evangelism & Discipleship

We proclaim Jesus as one community. We focus on sharing the love of Christ and raising disciples for the Kingdom of God in all that we do. We are not fans of Jesus, but we are radically committed followers of Jesus.


We fellowship under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to experience the power that comes from community of believers in Christ.


We worship one true God. We would like to bring God-centered worship to the community of South LA.

Mission & Church Planting

Missions exist because worship doesn’t. We focus on taking worship to communities where worship is not, starting in South LA, to other parts of Los Angeles, and to the ends of the earth.


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